Aka.ms/yourpc ❤️ Your Phone Companion Application Guide 2023

Aka.ms/yourpc: One of Windows’ key features is the ability to connect PCs and cell phones via an app designed for this purpose.

Microsoft released Windows as an operating system that could be used with graphics for MS-DOS on November 15, 1985, and it is now the most widely used operating system worldwide. bIt quickly started to dominate the PC market globally.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything and sync all of your data for accessibility with the variety of devices that each user has. This isn’t a problem, though, if you have an Android phone and a Windows computer.

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You adore your smartphone. Also, your computer. Right from your PC, get immediate access to everything you love on your phone. Install the Link to Windows app on your Android device, then connect it to your Windows PC using the Phone Link app.

Make and receive calls*, check notifications, view text messages, and more by connecting your Android phone to your PC.

As you exchange your favorite photos between your phone and PC, you can stop emailing yourself photos. Photos can be copied, edited, and even moved around without ever touching your phone.

Install Your Phone App on a Windows 10 Computer to Connect a Windows Computer to a Phone Using Aka.ms/YourPC

  • Press the Start button.
  • Find the location
  • Updates Security can be found by clicking the Security tab.
  • You must now select “check for updates.”

Download the Windows app for “Your Phone Companion”

Your phone is the best. Your PC also does. Get direct access from your PC to everything you love on your phone. Install the Phone Link app on your Windows PC, then install the Link to Windows software on your Android phone to link the two devices.

To make and receive calls*, read and respond to text messages, monitor your notifications, and more, connect your Android phone to your PC.

Share your favorite photos between your phone and PC to eliminate the need to email yourself pictures. Without ever touching your phone, you can edit, copy, and even drag & drop photos.

Phone Link features:

  • Manage your Android phone’s notifications on your PC
  • Use your PC to access your preferred mobile apps
  • Utilize your PC to read and respond to text messages.
  • Drag and drop files between your computer and phone, and copy and paste the material.
  • Use your PC’s larger screen, keyboard, mouse, and touch screen to interact with your phone from there. Immediately view the photos on your phone.

How to Use the aka.ms/yourpc/link your phone App to Connect a Phone to Windows?

  • Start up your computer by clicking the Start button.
  • Decide on the Microsoft Store button. To find your cell phone, you may also utilize the search button.
  • Open the app on your smartphone if it isn’t already there.
  • Search for “your Computer” on the mobile screen by adding the same email address that you used on your computer. Following that, select Link Windows OS.
  • Your computer must be open when you authorize the connecting of the two devices by clicking the “Send Notification” button. You can use www. or your phone pin for verification.

Which Android Phones Can Use The Aka.ms/yourpc Link To Windows Application?

The Link To Windows mobile app is supported by the following devices, according to Microsoft.

There are four major sections to the list.

  1. The first is a list of supported devices that come pre-installed with the Link To Windows mobile app. In general, these are Android devices running version 9.0 or later from Samsung, Surface Duo, and HONOR.
  2. The second is a list of gadgets that enable screen syncing between your Android phone and a Windows computer.
  3. The third is a list of gadgets that allow you to sync your Android phone’s apps with those on your Windows computer.
  4. The fourth is a list of gadgets that can use pairing software to facilitate RCS communications. However, your mobile operator network and the nation you are in also play a role in this.

What Should You Do If Your Phone Doesn’t Have The Windows Application Link Pre-Installed?

Check the Android OS version installed on your phone first. You should be able to install the Link To Windows mobile application if it runs Android 7.0 or higher.

The Link To Windows app, formerly known as the Aka.ms/yourpc Phone app, was formerly accessible via specific shortened links that Microsoft provided.

Both www.aka.ms/linkyourphone and www.aka.ms/linkphone were among these links.

You can get the app by performing a search for “Link To Windows” in the Google Play Store or by clicking this link.


It should be very simple to link the two devices using the Phone Link application on your Windows PC and the Link To Windows application on your Android phone.

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