YMCA Mission Statement, Vision, & Core Values Analysis

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YMCA Mission Statement: The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), which had its beginnings in London in 1844, eventually spread throughout the world. The YMCA currently serves over 64 million people and is active in 120 different countries. The largest and one of the oldest youth groups in the world. All YMCAs work to empower young people and provide them with the resources they need to improve the world.

The World YMCA, situated in Geneva, Switzerland, connects independently run provincial and federal YMCAs. The World YMCA coordinates activities supports regional YMCAs, and focuses on providing social justice to young people around the world. This organization hosts the annual YMCA global leadership summit, which brings together the CEOs of regional YMCAs.

Website: ymca.org
 PresidentPatricia Pelton
President:Sir George Williams
 Year founded: 1844
 Headquarters:Geneva, Switzerland
 Employees: 88,485
 Type: International Non-Profit NGO

Mission Statement of the YMCA

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YMCA Mission Statement requires that the organizational structure of the YMCA is adjustable, enabling local, national, and regional associations to customize their mission statements to support them in addressing the particular issues that young people in their areas face.

Through initiatives that promote everyone’s spirit, mind, and body at their best, Christian values are put into effect.

YMCA’s Vision Statement

In order to address particular circumstances in their communities, the YMCA also permits local, national, and regional associations to employ customized vision statements.

“They create strong communities, strong families, and strong children.”

The aim of all YMCAs worldwide to promote the best interests of youth in their communities is reaffirmed in the vision statements of each organization. 


Through youth development, healthy living, and chances to help others, we’re dedicated to encouraging children’s potential, enhancing the health and well-being of the country, and developing a commitment.

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YMCA’s Core Values

The YMCA supports five basic values: inclusion, responsibility, responsibility, respect, and care.


YMCA encourages compassion, selflessness, love, empathy, and aiding the less fortunate. For instance, in January 2021, the YMCAs in Prospect Park and Sunset Park Fort 

collaborated on a food drive. For Camp Friendship Food Pantry, a Brooklyn refuge for the homeless and disadvantaged members of society, the two YMCAs gathered food donations. 


Through a number of activities, the organization instills in children and teens the importance of operating with integrity and the truth. To assist children to build self-confidence, character, and Y values, such as the value of honesty in life, the local YMCA in Chicago offers educational activities at 15 locations throughout the city.


All YMCAs worldwide uphold the value of treating everyone with respect, and CEOs of local and national associations promote it. “I am humbled to follow so many exceptional leaders of Camp Tecumseh and assist individuals to grow in initiative, trust, respect, joy, friendship, and faith,” stated Joel Sieplinga, the new CEO of the Camp Tecumseh YMCA.


YMCA is devoted to providing facilities in its power to ensure that every child and adolescent has an equal right to pursue their dreams.. The YMCAs at all levels—national, regional, and local—take their commitments and social responsibility seriously. Through various initiatives, they develop responsible young adults who will benefit their communities.


The YMCA promotes the best interests of all young people without judgment toward race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. The group actively promotes the development of good intergenerational and intercultural relationships. The Spencer Family YMCA, for instance, donates money each holiday season to bring cheer to senior care facilities. The YMCA gave 400 garlands to Freehold Heights senior citizens for Christmas 2020.

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