How to Screenshot in Laptop Hp or Desktop (Complete Guide)

How to Screenshot in Laptop Hp or Desktop: HP is a popular manufacturer of laptops and other computing equipment. HP laptops are well-known for their durability, performance, and numerous features.

Understanding how take screenshot on an HP laptop or desktop computer is quite useful. A screenshot, for example, might be particularly handy when you want to display a webpage modification to your colleagues, or when you uncover something interesting on the internet during a video chat. You may save and even keep your screenshot for future reference. This basic feature acts as evidence that you are seeing what you think you are seeing.

As a result, this post will show you how to take a screenshot on an HP laptop in simple steps, including using fast keyboard shortcuts, built-in tools, and a professional third-party snapshot programme.

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How to take a screenshot on an HP laptop

HP desktops and laptops run Windows or Chrome, allowing you to take screenshots with a single keyboard click. The Print Screen key is usually situated at the top right of your keyboard and is abbreviated as PrtScn or Prt SC. You may use this button to record your full desktop screen.

Most HP laptops include a ‘Print Screen’ function next to the delete key on the keyboard. Depending on the model, this may be shortened to PrtScn or Prt SC.

  • Press the Windows and Print Screen keys at the same time
  • This will capture the full screen
  • Open Paint or any other image editing programme
  • Press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot
  • Save the file as a JPG or PNG

The procedures outlined above will take a snapshot of the entire screen. Follow these procedures to capture only a portion of the screen:

  • Press the Windows + Shift + S keys at the same time
  • Your screen will fade to a white overlay and your cursor will change to a crosshair cursor
  • Select the area of the screen you want to screenshot
  • Open Paint or any other image editing programme
  • Press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot
  • Save the file as a JPG or PNG

How to screenshot on HP laptop with built-in tools

1. Take screenshots with Snipping Tool

  • To get the Snipping Tool, go to the Start menu and type “Snipping Tool” into the search box. Then, to open it, click on the Snipping Tool icon.
  • To begin a fresh screenshot, open the Snipping Tool and click the “New” button.
  • Select the region of the screen you wish to record with the pointer. Blue will be used to emphasise the specified location.
  • The snapshot will be immediately taken and opened in the Snipping Tool window once you have picked the relevant region.
  • To save the screenshot, go to the “File” menu and then choose “Save As” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a place to save the screenshot and give it a name in the Save As window. Then, to save the screenshot, click the “Save” button.

The snipping tool includes a variety of extra features that allow you to swap modes. You may snip in three other ways, in addition to the conventional rectangular snip.

  • Free-form snip You may capture in any shape or form. The free-form mode is ideal for capturing circles, ovals, and figure 8s.
  • Window snip With a single click, it captures a snapshot of your active window.
  • Full-screen snip catches whole complete show. This is very useful for dual monitor display users who wish to capture both screens at the same time.

2. Capture a screenshot using Snip & Sketch on HP

  • Press the “Windows + Shift” keys on your keyboard at the same time, followed by the “S” key. This launches the Snip & Sketch app.
  • Select the region of the screen you wish to capture using your mouse. Blue will be used to emphasise the specified location.
  • To capture a screenshot of the specified region, click the “Capture” button. The screenshot is copied to your clipboard, and a preview appears in the Snip & Sketch programme.
  • Click the “Save” option in the Snip & Sketch app to save the screenshot. You may store the screenshot in any location on your computer and name it.

How to take a screenshot on an HP tablet

Whether your HP tablet runs Windows or Android, taking a screenshot on a tablet differs from taking a screenshot on an HP desktop or laptop. Instead of utilising keyboard shortcuts or built-in screenshot tools, you’ll simply need to complete a two-step approach.

  1. Hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. The screen will flash after around a 2-second hold, indicating that a screenshot has been taken.
  2. Locate the screenshotted image in your tablet’s photo folder.

People Also Ask

How do I take a screenshot on my HP laptop Windows 10?

To capture a screenshot on your Windows 10 HP laptop, press the “Windows + PrtScn” buttons simultaneously. This will save a snapshot of the complete screen to the Screenshots folder.

Where does the screenshot go on HP laptop?

On an HP laptop, the snapshot is normally saved in the “Screenshots” folder, which is located in the “Pictures” folder. The snapshot can then be edited or shared as needed.

How do I factory reset my HP laptop?

To reset an HP laptop running Windows 11, navigate to Start > Settings > System > Recovery > Reset PC. In Windows 10, navigate to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery >Begin by selecting Reset this PC.

How do I connect Airpods to my HP laptop?

To connect AirPods to an HP laptop running Windows 11, open the AirPods case and push and hold the case button until the light flashes white. Go to Action Centre in the Windows taskbar and right-click Bluetooth. Select Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth > AirPods.

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