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Adidas mission statement: “The Adidas Group wants to be the global leader in the sporting goods market with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporty lifestyle,” reads the mission statement of Adidas. founded in Germany in 1924.

Two brothers who subsequently divided the business started it (one of the two ended up with another big sports apparel company, Puma). They started the business with the intention of developing a creative line of athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories that would match their needs and enhance their performances.

Since then, the business has consistently grown and improved, and it is now a global powerhouse with sales of 21.92 billion EUR alone in 2018.

Founding Father

Adi Dassler, then 49 years old, started again on August 18, 1949. He registered the “Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik” and began operations in the sleepy town of Herzogenaurach with 47 workers. He registered a sneaker in the same year that featured the iconic Adidas 3-Stripes.


  • Who would have believed that lightweight football boots with screw-in studs could change the course of history? The 1954 World Cup final between the unstoppable Hungarians and the German national football team resulted in much more than simply a trophy for Germany. The world would know about their incredible victory for many years to come. And it established Adidas and its creator as household names on soccer fields all over the world.

Adidas Headquarters

Adidas’s main headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Germany

Adidas Slogan

The current motto for Adidas is “Adidas Is All In.” Since 2013, the German corporation has adopted this new motto in place of the formerly used and widely recognised “Impossible Is Nothing” motto.

Adidas Vision Statement

  • The goal of Adidas’ mission and vision is to optimize fitness levels through design-driven, performance-driven products.”
  • The Adidas Group wants to be the global leader in the sporting goods market with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporty lifestyle,” reads the mission statement of Adidas.
  • Adidas’s mission statement has changed throughout time in order to take into account market changes.

Let’s Examine Adidas’ Mission Statement in More Detail.

  • The business strives to inspire individuals to exercise and express themselves by demonstrating the superiority of living a sporting lifestyle. They put a lot of effort into raising performance to the maximum degree, and their products are quite inventive.
  • One of the main objectives of the Adidas Mission Statements is to improve sports.
  • Additionally, they take part in a variety of sponsorship programs designed to support the growth of fresh talent and offer them the best possible products at competitive prices.
  • Adidas is a corporation that specializes in both innovation and creativity. They constantly seek to push the envelope. Regardless of the reason, their aim is to offer their clients the best options available. Their first objective is to fully comprehend consumer needs so that they can meet those needs and go above and beyond what their users anticipate of them.
  • Adidas is famed for its attention to responsive customer service. They have a fantastic research team, and they have produced various cutting-edge sportswear products. The special emphasis is on development and research.

Core Principles of Adidas mission statement

  • “Performance, passion, ethics, and variety” are the principles of Adidas. These are the major factors in obtaining and maintaining the position for so many years. Adidas base the majority of its decisions on these ideals. They employ people who are fervently enthusiastic, inventive, and imaginative about sports. They place a strong emphasis on dependability while always operating the company with honesty and diversity. Adidas consistently upholds its basic values and the highest level of performance.

Question Answer

What are Adidas’s core values?

The four principles of Adidas’ core values are as follows. Performance, enthusiasm, honesty, and variety are those things.

Which products does the Adidas group sell?

Men’s and women’s clothes, sportswear, and accessories like slide-style sandals, watches, eyeglasses, mobile accessories, socks, and baseball caps are all sold by Adidas. Additionally, the business offers aftershave, deodorants, lotions, and perfumes.

Does Adidas participate in any endorsements?

Yes, Adidas has a number of relationships with football clubs and other teams. Adidas has funded a lot of basketball and football athletes. Field hockey gear sponsored by players from many different nations has been provided by Adidas.

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