AAinflight login to watch Movies at Aainflight.com | Guide 2023

The American Airlines AAinflight.com app can keep you entertained while you’re in the air. There is a library at the airlines where you can stream films and TV series.

Only when connecting to aa inflight WiFi may you use the official American Airlines app, Aainflight.com. You can connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to American Airlines’ fast WiFi once your jet reaches a specific altitude.

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About AAinflight App

The entertainment of passengers on flights is a priority for American Airlines. The latest movies, free Wi-Fi, and in-flight entertainment are all available on American Airlines flights.

You can use your phone or laptop to browse the Internet, check your email, download your boarding pass, and stream media from websites like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. You must upgrade your membership, which is only available on specific domestic flights, in order to enjoy these services on the Aainflight app.

AAinflight App Link on the Mobile App Store

You can access your login process and everything from AA-inflight using the mobile app.

How to Login into the Aainflight.com App?

You must complete enrollment before you can access Aainflight.com. Your full name, email address, Password, and AAdvantage number are required for enrolling.

Sign in Using a Phone or Tablet

  • First of all, Download the American Airlines App from Play Store
  • At the point when you arrive at a stature of in excess of 10,000 feet, you can be ready to access In-flight entertainment.
  • Check the WiFi Signal and interface with Free AA-Inflight WiFi.
  • You will be diverted to the web application naturally in your default internet browser.
  • You can likewise make a beeline for Aainflight.com to get to motion pictures or TV shows.

Sign in Using a Laptop

  • Check for AA-Inflight free WiFI Signal and associate with it.
  • You will be diverted to the site consequently, If not you can type aainflight.com physically in your program’s location bar.
  • Simply pick the film or the TV show that you need to watch and you are all set.

Inflight payment:

  • You can purchase WiFi for as low as $10 practically everywhere.

Pay Each month:

  • If you frequently travel, you may sign up for the American Airlines WiFi Subscription Plan for $59.95 per month for two devices or $49.95 per month.
Domestic flightsPricingInternational flightsPricing
All-day ticket (24 hrs)$14Duration of flight pass$19
The monthly unlimited internet traveler pass$49.954-hour pass$17
The monthly traveler’s pass with unlimited data: 2 devices$59.95 2-hour pass$12

Note: To purchase an American Airlines WiFi membership service, you must:

  • Become a member of AAdvantage®.
  • Enter an email address when setting up your AAdvantage® account.
  • Own a credit card with a U.S. billing address in your AAdvantage® account.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do I Use WiFi On American Airlines?

  • Activate the WiFi on your device.
  • Set your tablet or phone to flight mode.
  • Join your smartphone to the WiFi signals for “AA-Inflight.”
  • On your smartphone, open the browser and enter AAinflight. Try again if you aren’t sent to the appropriate location.
  • “Get online” or the WiFi icon/WiFi Packages button may be used to access the WiFi on board.

How Do I Cancel My AA Inflight Membership?

You can contact customer service via phone at 844-994-4646, online chat at support.aainflight.com, or email at subscription.wifi@aa.com.

How Can I Watch Movies on Aainflight.com?

  • You must select “view free entertainment” or the entertainment symbol on a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Select a movie or TV show from the offered playlist after that to start watching.

Is it free to use AAinflight.com?

Absolutely, The issue is that you can only use this app on American Airlines flights. You must connect to the airplane’s wifi in order to access this online streaming service. Don’t try to view HD movies or shows on American Airlines flights because the internet isn’t very fast.

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